Working Together For The Growth Of Our Clients.

The PR Alliance is an entertainment Public Relations agency located in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area. Our company specializes in bringing an innovative approach to increasing clientele reach and audience engagement.

The PR Alliance prides itself on building internal and external alliances that work together for the growth of their clients. The firm's CEOs and Co-Founders, Mariah Oates and Keisha Brewer have complimentary backgrounds and a diversified talent pool that allows them to give their clients professional exposure in various markets.

We build strategies to help our clients communicate their value and gain exposure.

With over 7 years of Public Relations, Communications, and Media experience, we officially launched The PR Alliance in 2017 to service entertainment and lifestyle brands!

our services

Your vision matched with our expertise.

Media Relations
Looking to gain more media exposure? Our team will leverage our relationships to pitch your brand for placements on various media platforms, schedule media interviews, or facilitate media at your next event!
Media Training
Our team will host in-depth media training sessions with you and your team in preparation for media interactions! This will ensure that your brand’s value is being effectively communicated in all interviews!
Audience Engagement
Staying relevant matters! Our team will work diligently to help build and retain your target audience by ensuring that you’re constantly interacting with them through channels such as: speaking engagements, social media, networking events, and more.
Social Media Consulting
We will enhance your social media presence by advising you on digital campaigns, providing you with innovative social media resources and tools, and monitoring your social media analytics.
Event Planning & Project Planning
Planning a successful event takes an entire team! We’ll work to fulfill your vision in all areas ranging from securing the venue, creating sponsorship decks, developing the program of events, assisting with vendors and media, managing day-of event logistics, and more!
Risk Management
We will monitor your brands perception in all areas around the clock, in addition to exercising crisis management strategies if/when applicable.


Our team works diligently to support our clients in acquiring quality exposure that makes a noticeable impact in their industry.

Experienced Team
Our team has years of experience in communications, public relations, and media.
Growth Oriented
We have a consistent track record of helping our clients reach their goals and provide quality results
We are motivated by measurement! We are constantly measuring the results of our strategies and adjusting them to achieve the best outcome for our clients!
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