Working Together For The Growth Of Our Clients.

The PR Alliance is an entertainment Public Relations firm located in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) area. Our company specializes in bringing an innovative approach to increasing clientele reach and audience engagement. The PR Alliance prides itself on building internal and external alliances that work together for the growth of their clients.

The firm's CEOs and Co-Founders, Mariah Oates (left) and Keisha Brewer (right), have complimentary backgrounds and a diversified talent pool that allows them to give their clients professional exposure in various markets.

Keisha Brewer, CEO

Keisha offers The PR Alliance a strategic communications perspective that allows our clients to effectively communicate their visions. Her expertise of brand perception provides our company with the skills to tailor client messages to their target audience. Keisha is a graduate of The University of Maryland of Eastern Shore with a B.A. in English Communications.

We build strategies to help our clients communicate their value and gain exposure.

With over 7 years of Public Relations, Communications, and Media experience, we officially launched The PR Alliance in 2017 to service entertainment and lifestyle brands!